whatiscartoon 2 Piece Electronic Cigarettes vs. 3 Piece Design   Which is Better?The best electronic cigarette is a breakthrough product that can replace the regular cigarette. This product is known worldwide to countries like the UK and the United States. E-cigarette reviews considers this product as an appropriate solution for smoking cigarettes without exposure to the danger brought by the regular tobacco cigarette.   The electronic cigarettes are modern types of cigarettes and just like any other modern product, these cigarettes come in different designs. There are two major designs of the electronic cigarette. There is the 2 piece electronic cigarette and the 3 piece design of the electronic cigarette. Here, we shall analyze both of them then we will see which one is the best electronic cigarette to use.

According to e-cigarette reviews the two piece electronic cigarette was introduced by the green smoke electronic cigarettes company. In this design of cigarettes, the filter and the atomizer are combined. This type of combination is referred to as the cartomizer. The cigarette then ends up having two parts only. These parts are the cartomizer and the battery. The solution of nicotine in this type of cigarette stays fresh for a longer period of time when compared to the other type of cigarette. This is the best electronic cigarette when it comes to preserving the solution of nicotine.

The electronic cigarette emits a thin vapor coming out from the heated chamber containing nicotine solution. The device is activated when smoker starts to puff, which will cause the internal elements to heat up. The effect would be smoking without necessarily inhaling smoke, but vapor. This product aims to imitate smoking experience without being exposed to the dangers of smoking. The e-cigarette reviews cited the advantage of the vapor that does not only appear like a normal cigarette smoke, but at the same time taste like a real cigarette.

What is the best electronic cigarette? Is it the 3-piece electronic cigarette or the 2-piece electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes, when first brought onto the market, were commonly made of the three pieces, the atomizer, the battery, and the filter. The use of the battery is to power the LED located at the tip of the e-cigarette and at the same time heat the atomizer while the electronic cigarette is being puffed. The act of puffing heat up the nicotine solution in the filter, then it is emitted as vapor.   The advantage of a 3-Piece design is that it is generally less expensive as the atomizer gets re-used.  The main disadvantages are, that your atomizer is getting re-used and may not be as efficient.  It will also need to be replaced at certain intervals and certainly 3 piece electronic cigarette 300x63 2 Piece Electronic Cigarettes vs. 3 Piece Design   Which is Better?cleaned each time you replace a refill cartridge.

The two-piece electronic cigarette, first brought to market by Green Smoke, provides the same features. However, the difference is that the atomizer and the filter are combined as one component called as the cartomizer. The benefit would be the nicotine solution stays fresher for a long time and gives the user (you) a more consistent experience. Another is when running out of nicotine solution the only thing to do is to have a new  cartomizer.  The downside? The only downside is that they tend to be a little bit more expensive due to the higher quality.   The disadvantage of the 2 piece electronic according to e-cigarette reviews cigarette is that they are quite expensive. This is because they are known to be high quality cigarettes. The 3 piece design of the electronic cigarette was the first design. These cigarettes consist of three parts. These three parts are the filter, atomizer and battery. Its main advantage over the 2 piece electronic cigarette is that it is cheap. When it comes to pricing, the 3 piece design is definitely the best electronic cigarette. It can be afforded by most people whether they are on a tight budget or not.south beach smoke deluxe 300x63 2 Piece Electronic Cigarettes vs. 3 Piece Design   Which is Better?

Another characteristic of the 3 piece type of electronic cigarettes is that sometimes the atomizer gets clogged.  It may then eventually stop working. This happens after it has been used for a very long time. This kind of characteristic is not present in the two piece electronic cigarette. When it comes to quality, the 2 piece cigarette is the best electronic cigarette as stated by e-cigarette reviews. The high quality of the two piece type of cigarette is what makes it cost so much. If you want a smoke on a high quality type of electric cigarette, you should consider buying the 2 piece electronic cigarette.

When coming up with the conclusion, after using the best electronic cigarette and considering e-cigarette reviews, the concern is on the changing of filters.  Sometimes with the 3-piece design, the atomizer would go poorly, clogged, and finally stop working. However, this is only true when using the 3-piece electronic cigarette for a long time.  Whether you are using the 2 piece cigarette or the 3 piece cigarette, it does not matter. What matters is that you are using the better type of cigarettes.

Once a regular smoker switches to electronic cigarette, he will enjoy great benefits regardless of the type or design he will choose. If you haven’t made the switch yet, jump over to our e-cigarette reviews page and pick out your starter kit now.

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