At the end of every year, many people make resolutions before they start the next year. They make a list of things that they will change about themselves so that they can change their future lifestyles. Most of the New Year resolutions are based on health and finance. The most common of these resolutions is to quit smoking. The sad part of this type of resolution is that most people quit for the first few days then they go back to their old habits. There is a solution for these kinds of people. The electronic cigarette can help them in their resolution process.

Your health should be the primary concern in all part of your life and the popular saying rings true just as loud this time of year – “Health is Wealth”.  As we ring in the kicking the habit 225x300 Switching to Electronic Cigarettes as Your New Years Resolutionnew year, many take the opportunity to step back and analyze their lives.  This gives us a chance to take stock and perhaps make some changes that we’ve known needed to be made for quite some time.  It may seem cliche to try to “quit smoking” after New Years, for many who have tried and failed at this many times, there is a much easier alternative.  The advent of the electronic cigarette has allowed countless smokers to get their lives back while not giving away quite as much.

The electronic cigarette is a modern type of cigarette which is used by people who want to control their nicotine intake. It has special features such as flavored smoke and it comes with cartridges which have different levels of nicotine. It is generally a tool for a healthy smoking lifestyle. If you look at the various electronic cigarette reviews over the internet, you will notice that quite a large number of people have benefited from using these types of cigarettes. If you are a regular smoker who just can’t quit the smoking habit you should consider switching to electronic cigarettes as your new year’s resolution.

If you read the testimonials and reviews in electric cigarette reviews, you’ll find many who have found that switching to electronic cigarettes has been one of the most popular solutions for so-called “heavy smokers” and “chain smokers”.  Electronic cigarettes are not only a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes, they also do not manifest any harmful side effects.  The heavy smokers who always want to quit should stop making the unrealistic resolution of quitting smocking in one day. If you are addicted to nicotine, you cannot quit the drug all of a sudden. This will lead to some dangerous withdrawal symptoms. If you want to quit the habit, you should do it gradually. The electronic cigarettes can help you in this process. When you purchase an electronic cigarette, you should decrease your level of nicotine every time you replace your cartridges, you can move from the high level then to the low level. There are also cartridges that do not have nicotine at all. These can eventually be used then you will stop smoking.

Given the state of the world economy, everyone is trying to save money these days.  If you pay attention to electric cigarette reviews, one of the things that you’ll note is the huge cost savings that people find by making the switch to electronic cigarettes.  Many people end up saving up to 50% of what new years resolution 300x214 Switching to Electronic Cigarettes as Your New Years Resolutionthey would normally spend on tobacco cigarettes!  How about a New years resolution to spend less?  With e-cigarettes, once you have your starter kit, the only thing that you will be spending money on is e-juice refills and that’s fun because there are so many great choices!

Switching to the electronic cigarettes as your new year’s resolution is the best decision especially if you want to eventually quit smoking. The electronic cigarette can be found in very many places. There are also many brands. All you have to do is read some of the detailed electronic cigarette reviews on the internet then you will know the best type of cigarette to use. Whatever brand you choose, electronic cigarettes are the best for smokers.

Giving up smoking tobacco cigarettes for the New Year doesn’t have to be the tremendous sacrifice that it was in past years.  Switching to electronic cigarettes is a fantastic solution with many benefits for both the former smoker and their loved ones.  Still not sure?  Check out our other articles and many e-cigarette reviews while you’re here.  Still not a believer?  Try our electric cigarette reviews Savings Calculator to see how much you can save by switching.  Don’t miss out on a great opportunity for a fresh start in 2011!

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