If you’re already an e-cig smoker, you’re probably already in “the know” about some of this stuff.  However, if you’re new to the electronic cigarette world or are thinking of making the switch, there are a few things going on with regards to electronic cigarette regulation, particularly in the U.S.

Don’t freak out.  They’re not going anyplace soon – not by a long shot.  In fact, in December the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that the government e cigarettes fda regulation The State of Your Electronic Cigarette Nation(FDA) cannot block the sale and import of electronic cigarettes under existing laws.  The FDA was pushing for the electronic cigarette to be classified as drug devices but the court said that e-cigs can be regulated only as tobacco products under the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.  Now, the ensuing battle to be fought will be whether or not the FDA gets to wield the power to regulate “cigarettes and tobacco products”.  Stay tuned on that one.

Currently, there are several misguided U.S. States that have taken up arms against the electronic cigarette, at the forefront being New York.    The New York Assembly bill’s sponsor decided to act after seeing numerous e-cigarette ads online and spotting the devices for sale at shopping malls.  “E-cigarettes are for some people a tool for enabling them to continue their nicotine addictions when they are someplace where they can’t smoke. I don’t think that’s good for public health,” said Assembly Health Committee Chairman Richard Gottfried, whose panel passed the bill Tuesday.   What rubbish!  These guys have to be smoking more than tobacco to come up with stuff like this.

Regardless, New York and other States – Kentucky, South Carolina, Washington – are in for quite a fight.  The National Vapers Club is a national organization that is dedicated to fighting for your right to vape!  They have mobilized and have made it very simple for anyone willing to send emails, letters and faxes to lawmakers – regardless of where you live.  If you have an interest, and a few minutes, we urge you to participate by clicking either this link – VapeBans.com – or the one in our sidebar.

Finally, in California, there are concerns coming from the Attorney General’s office that minors (under legal smoking age) may be inclined to purchase Electronic Cigarettes due to some of the enticing e-juice flavors that are available.   Being proactive, some leading electronic cigarette manufacturers have implemented an Age Verification system on their websites and have decided to discontinue their flavors, other than Tobacco and Menthol, in the State of California.  

So, to sum up, yes – the Electronic Cigarette industry is changing but there is NO WAY that it is going to disappear.  These things are changing lives by the minute and that’s not something that can be swept under the rug.  Seen “The Tourist”?  Did you know that Obama has one of these?  Know how many congressmen and judges smoke these things?  Think about it – Then, if you haven’t made the switch yet yourself,  Do it Now!

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